Sweet Potato Harvest (limited edition print)

$79.00  Sweet Potato Harvest was a project I took on in conjuction with the co-operation of the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commision. A friend of mine who is one of the world's largest sweet potato growers and distributors planted the seed and encouragement of this idea in my head. The sweet potato is one of the most nutritious vegetables that you can eat and North Carolina is the United States largest producer of this product, followed closely by Louisiana. In the painting my pride in the state of North Carolina lead me to hide a rather large abstract number "one" in the painting and I also gave the ground the texture of brown sugar with a little yellow butterfly floating gently through the painting. The yellow of the butterfly representing the slice of butter we use with the brown sugar when we eat this delicious little delight. The field in the background is soybean, another plentiful crop here in my home state.

Sweet Potato Harvest (limited edition print)
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